The first professional eno-coloring inspired by the gourmet world. The cream color enters its eno-technological version. Safe, gentle and performing, free from PPD, with an ammonia-smart approach ensures comfort and cosmetic effect on the hair and maximum respect for sensitivity. 87 mixable shades to unleash the creativity of the most demanding colorists and share the flavor of an eno-coloring with their guests in the salon, inspired by the well-being of enotherapy. The eno-active rich in polyphenols give shine to the stem with an anti-aging effect that lasts over time. The world-renowned power of Oxilamine® technology by Keratin Plus reaches its full potential in Keratin Plus Color, rebuilding, restoring, and illuminating the hair during the color processing time. It delivers ultimate shine, for healthy hair using all of the reliability, technology, and innovation of Keratin Plus.
Over 80% natural ingredients. Grapeseed oil, red grape extracts, Oxilamine®, Aloe Vera, Plant keratin.