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Thermo Repair Perfect Ends

THERMO REPAIR Perfect Ends is an incredibly high-performing product in restoring damaged hair with split ends or which has been destroyed by aggressive treatments. THERMO REPAIR Perfect Ends differs from other similarproducts available on the market for its immediate regeneration of damaged hair fibres – particularly at the ends – and the long-lasting regenerating effect even after a great many washes. The powerful regenerating effect of THERMO REPAIR Perfect Ends is due to the action of a particular mix of natural and/ or “semi natural” substances based on ceramides and derived from “white meadows foam”, which, once they’re on heat, act rapidly, restoring the hair’s fullness and reconstructing its structure, with a visibly evident effect right from the first application. The effect remains stable for a great many washes and can be reinforced withsubsequent applications with no contradictions.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: A blend of ceramides and derivatives of white small flower Limnanthes alba (or “meadows foam”).


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