< Keratin Plus Infinity

Keratin Plus Infinity

Keratin Plus Infinity is born from the combination of KERATIN PLUS technology with the performance of OXILOCK PLASMA. The Oxilamine® Technology, allows to interact with the main amino acids of keratin and strengthen the hair during treatment.

Keratin Plus Infinity creates a reaction between keratin amino acids with a surprising result in terms of recovering the beauty and health of the hair fibers. Depending on the shutter speed or the number of plate passes, it is possible to modulate the smoothing result, handle the frizz or redefine the curly hair.

The benefits of Keratin Plus Infinity are:

Multitasking: one product, multiple effects 

Easy & Fast: fast and easy application 

Performing: repaired, smooth and tamed hair 

Long-lasting: long-lasting for up to 5 months

Comfort: minimum smoke and maximum color stability 

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