OCRYS is your haircare mantra for achieving harmony between outer and inner wellbeing. MANTRA: from manas(mind) and trayati (to free). OCRYS frees hair and mind of the weight of everyday life and delivers a holistic and multisensory wellbeing experience. Shampoos, masks and specific treatments for all hair types.

•  GUNA – ultra-intense booster

•  ASANA curly hair

•  BANDHA facilitates the smooth effect

•  DEVA coloured hair

•  FULL BODY fine hair

•  HATHA bleached hair

•  REPAIR damaged and processed hair

•  SURYA Leave In conditioning sprays

•  AROMA Scented water

•  JALA protects and nourishes

•  Treasures for deep cleansing and moisturizing


8 different features, each with a specific function. Intermixable shampoos and intermixable masks to develop unlimited made to measure treatments. It all starts with the choice of ingredients: organic, biodegradable, ecological and ethical ingredients are mixed with latest-generation high-tech “active ingredients” to create ultra-high-performance, environmentally friendly, functional combinations on hair. A high natural origin index 88% and 99% without sacrificing performance. 100% recycled and recyclable plastic packaging.

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