Keratin Plus Sound Wave

“Your hair sounds good”

Keratin Plus research has culminated in a permanent wave system that is available in two formulas: natural and/or lightly treated hair and treated and/or bleached hair.
A formaldehyde, Ammonium thioglycolate, and ammonia free formula.

What does it do? It changes the hair structure and allows the desired level of movement to be chosen, while being kind to hair. Keratin bonds are realigned through the system’s unique application protocol, which integrates the PRIMER specifically developed for treated or bleached hair and the DEFINER BOOSTER (to be added to the DEFINER during the neutralisation step and required for both natural and treated hair), which are both essential for repairing and protecting hair.

it produces defined curls and gives hair volume and movement.
Performance: modifies, protects, defines.

Enriched with:
Deeply nourishes hair, leaving it strong and radiant.
It restores the hydrolipidic balance, relieves, and restores optimal hydration, leaving hair strong and resilient.
Its reducing properties allow the disulphide bonds to be modified with delicacy. Cysteamine also has conditioning and antioxidant properties. It is kind to hair and does not damage it.

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