BANDHA is a yoga term which means “bond” or bringing together. It refers to the postural body lock which releases both physical and mental energy.

Benefits: it helps to keep your hair amazingly straight. For hair which is already straight, or for frizzy hair which needs straightening, it possesses special active ingredients which are able to realign the hair fibres and keep them that way.

  • Sunflower-seed extracts from which we obtain biomimetic Phytoceramides. These form a protective film which keeps the hair cuticles smooth.
  • D-PANTHENOL rich in phytohormones and plant proteins which boost long-term hydration levels of the skin and hair, thus improving lustre and glossiness.
  • Camellia Oil having a strong concentration of vitamin A, it boasts immense antioxidant, moisturising, nourishing and elasticising powers on the hair.

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