A new way of enjoying an innovative colour experience in the salon.

DOC COLOR is a permanent and demi-permanent colouring system with one single revolutionary range. Innovative in its substance, results and design, DOC COLOR works in synergy with the exclusive activating emulsion ACTIV PULP ENZYME, developing a texture that penetrates deep into the hair and ensures maximum comfort for your customer and quick and easy application. The system also contains DOC OLEODEC and DOC POWDERDEC for high-performance bleaching that is kind to the hair.

Aloe vera (which replaces water), spirulina and precious hydrating oils guarantee efficacy and are kind to hair.

69 mixable shades for permanent and demi-permanent effects. Minimal odour, maximum grey hair coverage, shine, intensity and duration. Free from PPD and RESORCINOL, it contains an extremely low percentage of ammonia so is kind to hair, has a beautiful cosmetic effect and respects skin sensitivity. The colouring cream comes in a pouch, a revolutionary kind of packaging that is ergonomic, practical, safe and sustainable, as well as complying with strict baby food standards.  
The colour system also includes Frozen Deco which delivers extreme lift while still being gentle on hair.

Up to 75% aloe vera, spirulina, rice bran oil as a natural photoaging protector and a complex of 13 amino acids.