SENSITIVE identify sensitivity of soul and body. It is a range designed to give the extreme gentlest wash for scalp and hair.

Benefits: gentle on the scalp, nourishing on the tips, it wards off any scalp issues like dandruff or sebum.


  • FIG: serves as an emollient and moisturiser. It helps to restore balance and checks water loss through the skin, giving a sensation of great freshness and softness.
  • Mix of BLACK SNAKEROOT- NETTLE- MILK THISTLE: Soothing, purifying and BALANCE complex.
  • MACA Root: Also known as the “energy root”, maca is a kind of superfood because it is literally packed with vitamins and minerals. It plays an essential role in the cosmetics industry because it exerts an energising action on the scalp and hair fibre. The end result is extra body and a silken texture; it even brings out glossiness and beauty on problem hair.
  • XIMENIA AMERICANA: Its precious bark extract is used to protect highly sensitive scalps. Extremely suitable for a very gentle shampoo.
  • ZIZIPHUS JOAZEIRO: a plant from Brazil with strong curative properties and effective for controlling dandruff. It has a slight foaming action and helps to both reduce and prevent the appearance of dandruff as well as allaying the sensation of an irritated or itchy scalp.
  • ZANTHALENE: commonly known as Sichuan pepper, this plant is widely used as a spice in Asian cuisine. Its extract is helpful to allay an itching sensation.

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