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Libera Shampoo 200 ml 

Liquid shampoo that is applied to the scalp, specially formulated to treat scalp conditions as it purifies and cleanses without disrupting the delicate balance of epidermis which is already in difficulty.
Function: helps treat scalp disorders.

Actives: essential oils of Hinoki, cedarwood, sage, rosemary and lavender, wheat, piroctone olamine and zanthalene.

Use: apply directly to the scalp when hair is dry, leave for 2/3 minutes, add water and massage in. Leave for a further 2/3 minutes then rinse.

Libera Sinergy 

Soothing and balancing synergy of essential oils.

Function: ideal for treating irritated, flaky or oily scalps.

Actives: tea tree, thyme and lavender.

Use: apply evenly over damp scalp after hair has been washed and towel dried. Do not leave to process. Dry as usual. 

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