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B.ju Revamping

Revamping is the b.ju range that frees and protects hair from the oxidative effects of passing time and repeated treatments. It’s not our age that makes the difference but the treatments that age our hair. Revamping helps keep hair healthy, strong, young-looking and timeless. When used on its own, or as a maintenance product after other treatments, it gives shine and brilliance, helping hair regain its natural radiance.


Benefits: Brings intense relief to dry, damaged hair, instantly improving its appearance and consistency. 

Plus: Ultra-gentle surfactants, phytoceramides from sunflower oil and latest-generation technological active ingredients.


Benefits: This ultra-rich, nourishing butter can be applied either before or after shampooing to help replenish “porous” hair that has been damaged by the passing of time and treatments, visibly improving its appearance. 

Plus: Its formula, a true masterpiece of cosmetic engineering, releases all its potential on extremely damaged and untameable hair in a minimum of 10 minutes.

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