Jean Paul Mynè

a history of cosmetics
strictly made in Italy

An old saying plays ” United we stand, divided we fall” and Jean Paul Mynè is the evidence.

Combining the know-how of expert researchers in chemistry and biology, the market surveys on hairstylists and their customers, the Italian flair for trade and business, we have developed an innovative product in appearance, contents and performance.
Jean Paul Mynè born with the purpose to market high quality and made in Italian cosmetics designed only for qualified professionals.
The Jean Paul Mynè quality policy is based on four simple principles:

– use of approved and select ingredients during the development of cosmetics formulation (banned or hazardous substances are not taken into account. The Jean Paul Mynè straightening treatments are, indeed, formaldehyde free);
– no compromise between quality and price during the selection of raw materials: we are confident that only the high quality raw materials can give excellent results;
– Distribution of professional products (PRO) only to qualified and authorized professionals;
– Customers’ feedback to check the degree of performance satisfaction.