Coloring cream becomes smart – and that’s not just the packaging. Healthy, safe and gentle, it guarantees maximum comfort for salon customers. The 62 shades can be mixed with each other to create permanent and demi-permanent effects. Minimal odor and maximum grey hair coverage, shine, intensity and color duration. Free from PPD and RESORCINOL, it contains an extremely low percentage of ammonia so is kind to hair, has a beautiful cosmetic effect and respects skin sensitivity. The coloring cream comes in a pouch, a revolutionary kind of packaging that is ergonomic, practical, safe and sustainable, as well as complying with strict baby food standards. 

Activated with a special creamy “pulp” that is enriched with natural pineapple ENZYMES, precious active hydrating and restoring oils and aloe vera, it creates the perfect texture that makes application and processing sensational and comfortable.  


Up to 75% aloe vera, spirulina, rice bran oil as a natural photoaging protector and a complex of 13 amino acids.

FROZEN DECO: Blue bleaching powder that neutralizes yellow tones during lightening. It guarantees extreme, rapid and effective lightening even at low volumes and is kind to hair structure.  Activated exclusively with ACTIV PULP ENZYME, it is enriched with active ingredients to give unsurpassable results Thanks to the GUAR gum in the formula, FROZEN DECO reduces the risk of spots on near strands during free hands bleaching. Suitable for any lightening techniques.

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