Recharge your hair with Thermo Repair TOP UP

Tired, depleted, dull hair? Tips to cut? It is born THERMO REPAIR TOP UP the exclusive plumping treatment, studied by Jean Paul Mynè research, the only that permits to “recharge” your hair of volume, strength and shine recovering even the hopeless cases.

THERMO REPAIT TOP UP is the prestigious restoring “botox sensation” system– designed by Jean Paul Mynè laboratories- to plump up, give volume and strength to damaged, without body and weak hair giving absolute shine and softness to the top.

 The only with CERAMIDE 3 of natural origin with special extracts from the “meadows foam” (Limnanthes Alba) and a complex of vitamins E, vitamin B3 and provitamin B5 to restore the natural beauty of hair.

 Depending on the needs of the customer and the type of hair Jean Paul Mynè has studied with 5 specific services, obtained by setting the concentration of the THERMO REPAIR TOP UP in the water, able to “recharge” the hair from every point of view:

  • THERMO REPAIR TOP UP YOUR VOLUME gives depth and volume to fine hair and depleted with Invigorating and plumping action gives instantly vitality and body;
  • THERMO REPAIR TOP UP YOUR FORCE gives strength and vigor to the structure of weakened hair, which tend to break, reducing the “breaking point” of the capillary fibers with an intensive action can restore the cuticle and the open scales;
  • THERMO REPAIR TOP UP YOUR COLOUR POST returns gloss shine to just colored hair bringing nourishment and repair to the fibers;
  • THERMO REPAIR EXTREME regenerates and revitalizes extremely damaged and brittle hair that require crash treatment;
  • THERMO REPAIR TOP UP YOUR ENDS repairs, seals and allows to recover instantly the damaged tips, as complementary action of one of the treatments listed above or at the end of a simple hair set. This service is possible thanks to the final application on dry hair, especially on the lengths and unraveled ends, of a few drops of THERMO REPAIR PERFECT ENDS the restructuring treatment based on specific natural CERAMIDE 3 and precious extracts of “meadows foam” that are activated by the heat of the flat iron.

THERMO REPAIR TOP UP as a wellness system for hair allows to develop personalized services for the customer who wants to maintain the plumped effect and healthy hair. Although effective at the first application, to ensure a long lasting effect it is recommended the service THERMO REPAIR PROGRESSIVE, a progressive path that is to purchase only 1 vial leave in the living room and to be used for 4 or 5 moments of well-being based on needs of the customer. The recommended path after the first initial treatment is to perform the second application at a distance of 7 days to then repeat the third and fourth distance of 15 days.

Jean Paul Mynè has decided to present to the hairdresser THERMO REPAIR TOP UP with the elegant Luxury Hair Box where you can find everything  you need to prepare and apply the services for the client able to live  the real “botox sensation” in salon. Luxury Hair Box contains:

  • Thermo Repair TOP UP 12 vials of 20 ml  ;

• Thermo Repair PERFECT ENDS 1 bottle of 50 ml;

• professional bowl;

• professional brush;

• sterile syringe;

• Instructions of the treatments.


• The customer who wants to give brightness and revive the color off and without reflections.